Saturday, 9 April 2011

PR photography work in Durham.. Turning Day into Night

When you have an idea for a shoot it really doesn't pay to let a little thing like the sun get in the way. The Forestry Commission asked me to shoot some actors for promotion of Halloween walks in Hamsterley forest in County Durham.
I had a vague idea of the images that might be needed from the press release.....
" Men are being advised to be wary of marriage proposals in Hamsterley Forest later this month!
For the spirit of the notorious Mary Anne Cotton, from West Auckland, who poisoned her four husbands in the 19th century has been revived and is looking for another lonely heart to couple up with.
She is one of the notorious figures from County Durham’s past to provide the spine tingling material for a magical Halloween event on Sunday 31 October. Once again the Forestry Commission has linked up with the acclaimed Wear Valley-based Jackass Youth Theatre and Jack Drum theatre company to create a chilling evening in the 5,000 acre woodland, near Bishop Auckland."

In total we took just under an hour to shoot this little bundle of images and as always the actors made the PR pics come to life and brought some humour to the macabre scenes.
So we all had fun and the paper gave the event excellent coverage thanks to a snappy press release and some quirky public relations photography..
Happy Days. :)

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